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    Ted Joans - Poet &  Artist

    The late Ted Joans was a poet associated with the Beat Generation and Surrealist literary movements. But that isn’t all – he was also an accomplished artist and jazz musician. (And he’s the guy who coined the term, “Bird Lives!” when Charlie Parker died.)

    This website was built for Ted’s publisher, Quartermoon Press, with a focus on his book, WOW: Selected Poems.

    It features Ted’s bio, excerpts from the WOW, links to more information, and a simple PayPal shopping cart for the books.

    Ted was an inveterate traveler, having lived and journeyed extensively in North America, Europe, and Africa. We reflected this in the suitcase design.

    “Don’t let the minute spoil the hour.” — Ted Joans. [ more...]

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  • 09/25/14--11:11: L.G. Hertz, Poet
  • Poet L.G. Hertz

    This website was created for the estate of the late poet, L.G. Hertz, in order to share poems drawn from his 3 published (and one forthcoming) collections of poetry and increase his readership.

    The Hertz website features dozens of poems, many with explanatory notes, as well as Hertz’s biography. A different poetic theme is spotlighted monthly, and poems are added often.

    We also manage the site’s Twitter account, which now has over 3,000 followers, most of whom are avid readers of poetry, resulting in an increase in visitors to the site. [ more...]

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  • 09/25/14--11:33: McLafferty & Dunn Genealogy
  • McLafferty-Dunn

    The McLafferty-Dunn genealogy project was inspired by the chance discovery of a very old family Bible. Containing birth, marriage and death records for several generations dating back to the late 1700s in New York and New Jersey, it also included family photos – and inspired a wealth of further research.

    The WordPress website we created for the McLafferty-Dunn project includes photos, family history drawn from the Bible and elsewhere, and links to further resources.

    The photos provided to us were rather small, and soon, when new ones are available we will be adding a new, more interactive gallery. As new information emerges, the website can easily be expanded.

    Visit the McLafferty-Dunn History website. [ more...]

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  • 09/25/14--13:25: Art Expo 1901
  • Art Expo 1901 - Art Nouveau

    The Art Expo 1901 website showcases a portfolio of prints documenting the 1901 Art Exposition in Paris. Each post features a different print, showing one or more Art Nouveau art items, or explores some aspect of the early 20th century art world.

    This WordPress site is simply and boldly designed to bring the viewer’s focus to the works of art.

    An email subscription form is included, as are affiliate marketing and advertising widgets. We also set up a Twitter account, which is linked from each page on the site. [ more...]

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  • 09/25/14--21:14: Lenita Sheridan, Author
  • Lenita Sheridan

    Lenita Sheridan’s debut novel, Guardian of the Gauntlet, is a children’s fantasy novel, with a Christian basis, and an empowering message for girls.

    Lenita needed a simple website which would spotlight the book, share an excerpt, and make it easy for her site’s visitors to buy it at their choice of online bookstores.

    The site also features Lenita’s author biography, and a space for readers to share their comments and reviews.

    The design is light & airy, and coordinates with the book cover’s theme and colors.

    Lenita is currently working on the sequel to Guardian of the Gauntlet! [ more...]

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  • 09/26/14--01:48: Empty Mirror Arts Magazine
  • Empty Mirror Arts Magazine

    Empty Mirror began its life in 2000, as a bookselling site. Since then, it’s grown by leaps and bounds as its focus grew away from selling books, and more toward discussing them – and art and music, too.

    Every few years we’ve rolled out a fresh design, but recently we relaunched it as a full-fledged online magazine.

    The Empty Mirror site features include grid-based archives pages, advertising, social media integration, and an email newsletter as well of hundreds of posts. The site now has well over 100 contributors, is updated several times weekly, and has tens of thousands of visitors each month.

    We also fully manage Empty Mirror’s Twitter account which currently has over 13,000 followers. [ more...]

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  • 09/26/14--01:56: The Diartspora Gallery
  • The Diartspora Gallery

    The Diartspora Gallery is an extensive privately-owned collection of art by and of artists of the African Diartspora, with many works by African-American artists.

    Most of the collection was collected in and around the Greater Philadelphia area over a twenty-year span, with an emphasis on self-taught and Outsider artists. It tells a fascinating and important story of the Diartspora and its people, spanning over 100 years.

    This WordPress-based site features a gallery of well over 100 works from the collection, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and works on paper. A blog is also included, as are social media links and sharing.

    Diartspora’s owner also has hired us to grow its Twitter following. [ more...]

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    Custom website for Affordable Chef Services of Santa Cruz

    Award-winning chef Mark Gallagher was ready to up his game. His previous website, built a number of years ago, was HTML-based, and didn’t offer the interactive features which could help him grow his business. The previous website was mostly black, hard to update, and didn’t convey much energy.

    For this fresh design, the sidebar moved from left to right, allowing readers’ gazes to more easily rest upon the important elements – such as the “Get an quote for your event” button.

    I used energetic, fresh – and appetizing! – colors: green and yellow, with accents of black and red. The clean, modern layout makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

    Photos of featured dishes rotate in the sidebar…doesn’t it make you hungry?

    A testimonials slider is at the bottom of the homepage, showing his previous clients’ rave reviews of his catering and personal chef services.

    The “Rave Reviews” link at the top of each page brings the reader to a page where they can see all the testimonials in one place. [ more...]

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  • 10/18/14--15:45: Sue Westwind, Author
  • Sue Westwind - Lunacy Lost

    Sue Westwind is a holistic mental health coach certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners who has a fascinating story to tell. Born into a family plagued with mental illness, Sue experienced a litany of mental and physical ailments as well. Her adoption of a daughter who later was diagnosed with autism, spurred her investigation into nutritional and environmental medicine, which eventually healed both mother and daughter.

    Sue’s book, Lunacy Lost: A Memoir of Green Mental Health, chronicles her path along the road to health, and the discoveries she made as she came to develop a healing way she named The Nutrient Path.

    Built with WordPress and Genesis, Sue’s website features an excerpt from Lunacy Lost, background information, an author bio, and resources for further learning.

    There are also links to Sue’s social networking sites, and to information about her Natural Mind seminars. Multiple calls-to-action prompt the reader to buy the book. [ more...]

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    Michael McClure Website

    We’ve been building websites for Michael McClure for over 10 years now. But, when we set about redesigning his site this time around, it had been several years – and he was ready for a big change!

    Michael, a renowned poet, playwright, essayist, and performer, whose work has been published since 1956, has a lot of content to present. Michael’s new 80-page website is clean and modern, and presents his published work from 1956 to present, which includes books, DVDs and CDs, as well as current appearances. Despite the great volume of information, the site is organized so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

    There’s also a newsletter signup form at the top of every page, so that readers can stay informed about new publications, upcoming appearances, and other news and events.

    This site is built with WordPress on the Genesis platform, which offers extra features, is super-fast and search-engine optimized. [ more...]

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  • 09/30/14--18:16: L H Maloney, Poet
  • LH Maloney - The Poet's Sight

    L H Maloney’s poetry has long been loved by his friends and family. This new website was built to help him gain a wider readership.

    In keeping with his love of the associated colors—and the beach—a sunset theme was requested. The focus was to be on the poems, and the client asked for big, bold images – and movement.

    That’s what I created. The background is the image of a vibrant sunset, and the color scheme features varying shades of orange, with pops of black and white. The homepage dynamically displays the poem titles and associated photographs through a slider feature; just click any image to read the poem associated with it.

    The homepage also features a large image of the poet, along with text that was provided by the client.

    Big buttons make it easy to connect with the poet on his social media accounts, to sign up for the mailing list, and to share his work with others. [ more...]

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    Michael McClure and Ray Manzarek website

    Poet, playwright and novelist Michael McClure and the late Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for The Doors, met at The Doors’ third recording session.

    Their spoken work / jazz collaboration spanned thirty years. During that time they performed together throughout the United States, and released several CDs and a DVDs.

    I took charge of their website over 13 years ago. During that time, the site has had several different incarnations. In 2014 we unveiled a radical new design, which you can see here.

    This site neatly organizes information about Michael and Ray individually, as well as their collaborations. It also includes writings by some friends, and features a mailing list so that visitors can be notified of upcoming events, as well as additions to the website.


    (And be sure to also check out Michael McClure’s site,!) [ more...]

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    Beyond From Within - Psychedelic Band website
    Beyond From Within – Psychedelic Band website

    Steve Andrews’ band, Beyond From Within, had a website that had been online a few years. It wasn’t mobile friendly, and didn’t have the flexibility that they wished for, as they grow their fan base.

    This redesigned website was built to showcase the band’s music and videos, and to share the ever-growing number of reviews and other press that they’ve been receiving.

    I added a custom music player, so listeners can preview the band’s eponymous album, “Beyond From Within.”

    The color scheme and graphics were carefully chosen to convey that vintage psychedelic aesthetic – and to coordinate with the band’s album cover.

    Steve wanted lots of movement and asked for images that would replicate a 1960s-style liquid lightshow. This was added in the header of all pages, and in the sidebar on selected pages.

    See the new site at [ more...]

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  • 04/29/15--15:58: Edwin Romond, Poet
  • Ed Romond website

    Award-winning poet Ed Romond has had his own website for many years, but finally, it was time for a change. Ed wanted to more elegantly present the growing amount of information on his website, which includes books, readings, his biography, photo galleries, songs, and more.

    He also wanted a fresh, minimalist design to replace his current site, which had a dark wood theme.

    More and more people every day are visiting websites from their mobile devices such as cell phone and tablets. So, it’s become increasingly important for websites to be built to be easily viewable on mobile devices as well as on laptops and desktop computers. This website, like all new websites I build, accommodates the entire range of devices people might use while visiting.

    In the past, Ed had to contact his webmaster every time he wanted to post a new poem or event. Now, it’s also easy for Ed to log into his new website to update it himself, anytime he wishes. [ more...]

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    Ted Joans - poet, artist

    I have an exciting new project – a website for the late poet and artist, Ted Joans.

    Ted (1928-2003) was a poet, artist, and musician, associated with both Surrealism and the Beat Generation.

    This new website will offer a bibliography, pages devoted to each of his books, as well as biographical material, videos, a filmography, photo gallery, and resources for further exploration.

    Want notification when it launches? Sign up at [ more...]

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  • 07/24/15--18:02: Gregory Ormson, writer
  • screenshot

    Gregory Ormson writes about yoga, motorcycling, writing, and music. He needed an elegant new website which would help him to keep in touch with his readers, and to share his articles and news.

    It needed to neatly organize his blog posts on various topics, convey his expertise, and portray his personality. It also needed to present him in the best possible light as he sends out his yoga book proposal to agents.

    The background is a photo taken by Greg. The visual design is carefully balanced and blends a strong red with softer shades of sky and earth.

    Visit [ more...]

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